Adrienne M. Mason

Director, Community Mapping© and Market Research
Born in Harlem, USA, Adrienne Mason has spent the last ten years involved in ethnic segment community-based research and implementation of health education programs targeting racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse U.S. populations and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Former Assistant to the Chief of Psychiatry of the VA Hospital in New York, Adrienne developed skills early in her career in relationship marketing – critical to gaining the trust of racial and ethnic minority segments. Her keen observation skills and engaging manner has enabled her to secure pertinent, real time data about individuals and communities in the top 10 U.S. black and Hispanic markets.
Her unique data-gathering skills enables MHMG to appropriately partner with community influencers in a valuable and substantive dialogue about healthcare and healthcare delivery. This knowledge is invaluable and critical in the planning, coordination and implementation of special events in urban centers among diverse populations.

Currently residing in Jersey City, her professional experience also includes securing advertising for a major New York publishing company