Community Mapping

Community Mapping© is the proprietary, MSA-zip code based process developed by MHMG for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device and healthcare industry  consisting of an atypical primary and secondary data gathering and analysis for the development, planning and execution of race-specific clinical research, market research and promotional initiatives.

Disease does not exist in a vacuum, but in a sociocultural, community context. Compelling evidence and data suggest that health, well-being and disease management are shaped by one’s social and cultural background and where one lives, works and plays.

Community Mapping is an imperative

  • To establish an evidence-based platform for clinical research, market research and sales and marketing strategies and tactics
  • To provide a business and ethical rationale for outreach to diverse populations
  • To develop metrics for qualitative and quantitative return-on-engagement and
    Return-on-investment models
  • To identify and specify key components and critical success factors for multicultural strategic and tactical brand and business plans